Recognized for reliability, innovation in tanning chemistry and customer service

The structure and organization of IKEM allow us to follow the customer in all phases of leather processing, both with the supply of suitable chemical tanning products to every context, and with the assistance of laboratories for sampling, development and research. IKEM is the reliable partner for any tannery that needs fast and personalized answers in the field of tanning chemistry.

Our Strong Points

Full Range of Products

Full Range of Products

Our range of chemical tanning products meets the latest health and environmental regulations. We consider all stages of leather processing, from the beamhouse to the finishing and cover the market segments of footwear, both fashion and technical, clothing, leather goods, furnishings and cars. Where fire prevention requirements are required for the safety of public spaces and means of transport such as trains and airplanes, we offer dedicated fireproofing products.

Tailor Made developments and Just in Time Orders

Tailor Made developments and Just in Time Orders

We develop products in addition to our catalog for specific customer requests which meet all needs.
We prepare intermediaries for subsequent reformulations.
We ensure the order fulfillment in a short time, even international, thanks to an agile and flexible organization.

360 ° customer support all over the world

360 ° customer support all over the world

We bring our specialized assistance directly to the tannery for the resolution of processing problems and for the development of new articles, both in Italy and abroad. In our laboratories we create seasonal samples of articles and fashion tones for the new collections of the tannery.

R&D with a Focus on the Environment

R&D with a Focus on the Environment

We aim for excellence in tanning chemistry. We work every day with the aim of improving our products and processes to offer customers the best quality solutions in addition to the best environmental performance.

Partners of Supply Chain Projects

Partners of Supply Chain Projects

IKEM contributes to several supply chain projects in the district to build the future of the Vicenza area where it operates. Continuous reduction of environmental impact together with good results of sure qualitative interest for the tanning industry are always a priority.

New Applications

New Applications

Technological innovation in tanning chemistry must continuously add value.

We have a wide range of products for all market segments:


Products for fire resistant leather with a low development of fumes


Products and processes with suitable requirements for fire resistant leather


Low fogging fatliquors and products with mechanical characteristics according to industry standards


Varied articles with technical requirements required by the sector


Products with endless possibilities for fashion and water repellent requirements for more technical items


Quality at the right price

Leather goods

Softness in a thousand forms


The pleasure of wearing a light leather

IKEM is a founding member of the UNPAC association

UNPAC – The National Union of Italian Tanning Auxiliary Producers is the national association that groups Italian companies producing chemicals for the tanning sector. It has established itself as an integral part of the leather supply chain by establishing continuous relations with all of the important international associations of the sector.
UNPAC was set up in July 2009 by Italian chemical tanning companies who combine their skills for the service of the industry. IKEM contributes with commitment to the scientific and promotional activities of UNPAC. Our internal representatives are  Marco Nogarole and Edgardo Stefani, the current president of the association.

Since 2000 IKEM is certified ISO 9001:2008

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Our technical and administrative staff is available for questions, requests for assistance and advice.