R&D Quality and Environment

To be completely innovative, as well as develop products and processes that perform better, we must always have a positive impact on the environment.
We pay constant attention to input from the global market and dedicate a great deal of resources and energy to R&D. We have a laboratory equipped with advanced analysis tools, develop shared projects with partners even outside our industry, and constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We already prevent pollution in the formulation of products, which goes hand in hand with the development of processes that prevent waste.

Our laboratory

Our laboratory has advanced analysis tools to support research and quality control.
HPLC Charger Aereosol Detector, Infrared Spectrophotometer and UV-Visible are some strong points at our factory. In addition we have chemical analysis equipment for sulfates, chlorides, COD, hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde and aromatic amines including many others.
The small-scale organic synthesis for the experiments is developed through small reactors, glassware and mechanical auxiliaries with different functions. On the industrial scale we use diversified reactors with variable capacity up to 30 thousand kg.
Physical tests on finished leather are performed with special tools such as the Bally Penetrometer, Veslic, Fogging Test Machine and Water Vapor Permeability Test machine, to name a few.

See our new applications for leather for some solutions with a lower environmental impact and look at the results of the  “Green LIFE” project. IKEM was the only chemical company to participate in the project.