New Applications

Solutions with reduced environmental impact or improvements in technical contents

In this section you can find some of the latest leather application news concerning both the environment and the performance of the products. Our goal is to support the tannery to improve the end customer experience with the leather product and at the same time, wherever possible, to provide an environmental benefit for the benefit of the entire supply chain.
We offer the quality required by making the application of a product easier and safer, increasing the effectiveness of a product to optimize the yield, and proposing commercially innovative content which is updated periodically.

IKEM has recently created the WATERSAVE system with which items of furniture, leather goods and footwear have been created with the same product requirements as the tannery reference standards. The advantages of the WATERSAVE system are a significant reduction in total water consumption in the retanning process combined with a lower average COD value in residual baths than with a traditional process..

The realization of CHIMIPOL PLG, the first bio-polymer from renewable raw materials, opens the way to a category of products with a negligible impact on the consumption of natural resources. CHIMIPOL PLG improves on the qualities of traditional polymers through greater environmental sustainability as CHIMIPOL PLG does not require substances of petroleum origin for its production.

With the new LUB 94 PS, the range of our new leather applications is extended to include low COD fatliquors, developed for specific use in the WATERSAVE system but suitable for all uses. In addition to its extremely low COD value in the residual bath, its particularity lies in the fact that it is a sulfited fish oil with this characteristic. We believe that the two aspects combined make it a new reference point for a tanner who needs an effect of this type of fatliquor but who also pays particular attention to the quality of the water discharged.

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