Mission, values and history

40 years of experience in the tannery industry


IKEM produces leather chemicals for tanneries. The company was founded in 2013 following the merger of the family business Stefani Chimis Centrocampionatura SRL with another player in order to create a better more competitive industrial structure to match new market needs.

Today, IKEM is privately owned by the Stefani family, based in Arzignano where it maintains its main business based on highly specialized and well-established products for the processing of suede split, leather goods and furniture. IKEM is known for reliability and expertise, and over the years it has grown in automotive, aeronautical, railway and very recently naval transport sectors. In particular it has grown in public transport, through the development of chemical specialties related to safety in accordance with current anti-fire regulations.

This is why IKEM is constantly innovating with solid tradition. The specialized assistance, fast service, state-of-the-art production structure and reliability demonstrated over time make IKEM an excellent partner for a lasting partnership.


We pay a great deal of attention to the customer, since we want to be a reliable partner with maximum flexibility, focused on the continuous improvement of products and processes. We are committed to providing the best tanning chemistry experience by offering customized solutions adapted to the unique work context of tanneries. We aim for an increasingly sustainable system, protecting both people and the environment.


We want to be a reference point for excellence in tanning chemistry, where leather is a unique product, the result of the most expert processes based on the protection of the environment.


IKEM is a second generation family business that is interested in the well-being of future generations.

Our social work environment has people at the center and each brings their own point of view and energy.

It is a collective effort where the involvement of all individuals in company goals is a guarantee of our success.

We consider the whole company at the service of the customer.

We believe that training is a starting point for combining competitiveness and creativity.

We invest in people because we know that a company grows only if the people who animate it grow. Each year we have individual or group training programs which are either technical or personal.


IKEM was created as Stefani Chimis, a small family business of brothers Edgardo, Paolo and Giovanni Stefani who had already gained decades of experience as tannery technicians and agents for chemical products at large multinational companies.

The cornerstone of the company is service to customers, in particular in the production of suede splits in a small laboratory equipped for sampling articles and dyes. Suede is still a strong point for the company.


The new headquarters of Montebello Vicentino is built. The plant is set up to fine tune its own range of dyes as well as a new a laboratory for the wet department equipped with new equipment and analytical tools.


The combination of the expertise and the different experiences of the three brothers leads to the birth of Modern, a branch of the business for finishing products.  Stefani Chimis and Modern already have a large plant for the development of dyes and two smaller departments for their own production of fatliquors and finishing products.


The company invests in the R&D department and begins to work with a university institute on specialized subjects outside the supply chain in order to develop new leather fireproofing systems. In the following years other projects followed, approved and funded by the Veneto Region and more recently by the European Community. They will result in innovative products for technical articles such as water repellents and special coatings with superior performance and quality in terms of mechanical resistance and give the leather a more natural look.


Stefani Chimis is a founding member of UNPAC – National Union of Tanning Auxiliary Producers.


Stefani Chimis joins another player in the area and IKEM is created, based at the production site of Montorso. The current structure makes IKEM one of the largest production facilities in the Vicentino tanning district.


IKEM participates as the only chemical company in the “greenLIFE” project which aims to reduce the environmental impact of tanning processes in the Arzignano district with a view to environmental sustainability.