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IKEM develops, manufactures and markets chemicals to treat leather in all processing phases, from beamhouse to finishing. Our customers are tanneries that work in the footwear, leather goods, furniture, garment and automotive sectors. Our product range includes fatliquors, retanning agents, auxiliaries, finishing chemicals and dyes for leather.

IKEM has been operating in the tanning chemicals sector for over 40 years. IKEM is a reliable partner and a flexible and structured producer. We grow and improve by through dedication to our customers, bringing our experience and service. IKEM has an R&D department dedicated to sustainable innovation in order to preserve the health and environment of future generations.

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We are present in 14 countries including the main tanning areas in the world

Our team of technicians and our network of agents can help you reach your goals. We speak English, Hindi, German, French and Italian.
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Behind every product there is the careful work of all IKEM staff. This involves the search for the best raw materials, our expertise to transform them, development of new technologies and applications, working with the customer to offer prompt sales and technical assistance and fast and timely logistics.


Production Sites

Production covers an area of 7,000 m2. The plant in Montorso Vicentino produces fatliquors and retanning agents. The production plant in Montebello Vicentino hosts the department for finishing production, client development and assistance. This is also the plant for the development of dyes.



IKEM has advanced analysis tools to support research and quality control. We use the utmost care for the creation of products and processes to treat the leather. We want to have the best performance in terms of organoleptic quality and environmental impact.


Passion for leather chemistry, capacity to innovate, flexible production structure and prompt customer service

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