Chrome tanning is the most versatile and offers advantages such as a better fixation of all the anionic products used in retanning, a greater intensity of dark tints and a better exhaustion of residual baths.
The choice among the various chromium-based tanning agents, is based on the characteristics sought. Some items require greater dye reactivity to enhance optical effects, such as the classic cloudy appearance of a “sauvage” article.
A basification of chrome tanning that does not dampen the reactivity of the tanning helps to consolidate these characteristics.

A masked tanning instead offers the advantage of a greater fullness of the leather with a more even distribution of the anionic products.


LECROM AL is a double chrome-aluminum salt. It gives a reactivity superior to the support and a less elastic grain. It is suitable for chrome tanning and retanning articles where you want the dyes to stand out and to obtain a less elastic and tear resistant grain. The combination of metals optimizes the exhaustion of the tanning baths.

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  • LECROM 33: Basic chromium sulfate with high tanning power, easily soluble in cold water and very soluble in hot water.


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  • LECROM C12: Synthetic blend chrome with high light fastness used for pre-tanning and retanning of soft leathers with fine grain resistant to breakage. The character of the chrome leather is preserved.


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