The most emotional aspect that defines the style of all leather goods

Color is the element that has the most immediate impact on the observer.

It can communicate sensations immediately and influence the perception of quality. This is evident primarily through the uniformity of the coloring on the surface and in the leather section.

Starting from a good dyeing of the leather, you then have to obtain the intrinsic technical requirements that vary both according to the product sector, and according to the type of application in the same sector. In footwear, intensity and bright colors are important while light resistance and no migration are required in furnishings. In automotive strength and infrared reflection properties are required, while in washable articles, bleeding dye must not be observed following repeated washing. The colors for the leather can be combined to obtain all shades with a high visual quality: total uniformity, both on the surface and in the section, especially for suede, resistance to light, heat, perspiration, solvents and with no metameric effect.

We offer a wide range of leather dyes for all needs and develop specific shades on request for customized applications.

To help the dyer technician, we prepare a pamphlet each season with our formulations to obtain the latest fashion tones in a practical and concise way.

Our technical staff is available for questions, advice and can send documentation on products.