Leather goods require light and very discreet finishes that hide smaller faults such as insect bites or scratches in the grain.

The finish should not also harden leather that already has a soft and light texture.

NTS WS 200

NTS WS 200 is a fixative based on nitrocellulose dilutable in water or solvent. Diluted in water, it creates a natural look like a solvent fixative.

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PREFONDO R 88 is an amphoteric mixture that can be foamed by the effect of temperature and then rolled to obtain a complete superficial closure.


PREFOND 011 is an amphoteric mixture. It is applied after foaming by heating and is preferable for items where more transparency and optical depth is required.

It is preferable to use more ecological water fixatives that are as close as possible to the performance and elegant appearance of solvent fixatives.

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