Products for automotive, railway, aeronautical and naval sectors


The transport sector requires that the leathers have high physical and mechanical properties, but at the same time the products used must not contain volatile substances that cause problems with fogging or unpleasant smells. Resistance to abrasion, dirt and cleaning with detergents are of primary importance.

Naturally the technical part of the article always accompanies the pleasant and regular aspect of the leather primarily by covering of the crust defects. The stucco must be able to be applied by roller, must maintain the thickness once dry and must be buffed well.


FONDO CAR 571 is a basecoat that has high general seals: adhesion, bending and abrasion.


STUCCO CAR is the roller stucco specifically developed for automotive.

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NANOFIX 7007 is a fixative with a high degree of matt to limit the reflections on the dashboard and seats. It has a very high resistance to petrol and ethanol. It maintains its physical integrity even with wet and sweat rubbing.

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All products must adhere perfectly to each other and all must firmly attach to the leather. They must work without problems even in the presence of alcohol and solvents.

Our technical staff is available for questions, advice and can send documentation on products.