Products for deliming and bating


In the deliming and bating phase, lime removal takes place which must be complete, especially for technical items. A further cleaning of the grain and a relaxation of the dermal structure prepare it for tanning. It is important to choose the appropriate enzyme to avoid damaging the grain or weakening the fibers.

The emulsion of natural fats that are removed should be managed so as not to leave residues on the surface of the grain. Grease spots will otherwise be visible even on crust leather.

The use of specific emulsifiers allows a safe and uniform redistribution of residual fat, preserving the part which guarantees a grain elasticity useful for making certain articles.


MAK 2 is an enzyme that completes the cleaning of the grain. It has a mild action that does not compromise the integrity of the dermal structure. However, it is important to work at this stage with the correct operating conditions.

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  • MAX K1: Non-ionic degreaser for the deliming and bating phase with particular wetting back power and with strong emulsifying capacity of natural fats.


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