Products for dehairing and liming


In the phase of dehairing and liming, it is important to obtain a visible distension of the hide and a correct relaxation of the dermis within a reasonable time. This results in the reduction of wrinkles, especially in the neck, and a consequent increase in the surface of the leather.

It is then necessary to remove natural fats and non-dermal inter-fibrillary substances which may otherwise compromise the quality of the final leather and make dehairing less effective.


MAX T1 is used in the dehairing and liming phase. Together with a correct balance of traditional basic chemical products, it obtains a complete dehairing and controlled swelling of the hide. It leaves the grain very clean, especially on black coats raw hides, and wrinkles are well laid out. It works effectively on any type of raw hide.


  • MAX T2: Product for the dehairing and liming phase which reduces the amount of sulphide normally used


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